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Arkel AC LowRider Front Rack

Arkel AC LowRider Front Rack
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The Arkel AC LowRider Front Rack is designed to carry panniers closer to the ground; this lowers the center of gravity of the load and improves handling. Your front panniers will mount low, but maintain plenty of ground clearance, ensuring the panniers won’t scrape the ground.

The fork on your bike must have lower eyelets to be able to install this rack. If your bike has a fork equipped with both lower and mid-fork eyelets, the hardware that comes with the rack is all you will need. If your bike only has the lower eyelet on the fork, you will need to use a set of band clamps for the upper attachment point.

Please note: this front rack is not compatible with bikes with that have oversize tires.

Compatible with all hydraulic brakes and some mechanical disc brakes. Not compatible with the following mechanical disc brakes: Hayes CX Expert, Shimano CX77, Promax Render, and Avid BB7 and BB5.

Part Numbers

RAC 210000030286