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Electric commuter bikes for sale

Electric bikes make the perfect urban commuters and around town transport. They're fast, parking is free, traffic is no issue, and you're able to get some fresh air without using all your energy to get where you're going. Ebikes are a big part of the future of urban transport, so check out our high quality models and see how an ebike could change your lifestyle for the better.

Want to explore more electric bikes?

Wolff Lyra ST
$1,223.99 - $1,529.99 $1,529.99 Up to 20% Off
For those that want a step-through frame for easier accessibility, and a little extra cargo space, Lyra ST is the choice! It’s sleek, stylish, and affordable, which makes Lyra ST all you need in an e-bike. For a touch of class, it’s Lyra ST.
Wolff Vela
$1,623.99 - $2,029.99 $2,029.99 Up to 20% Off
Sometimes, you just want that easy step through design for maximum ease of mounting and dismounting your e-bike, but without sacrificing beauty and functionality. Enter Vela. Its Tektro disc brakes deliver smooth stopping power in all weather conditions, and its powerful motor and battery mean that you can confidently go in any direction you choose!
Wolff Pegasus
$1,863.99 - $2,329.99 $2,329.99 Up to 20% Off
Meet Wolff's most sophisticated e-bike! Strong, sleek, and highly developed, Pegasus is our classic city bike with the best added features. With its newest technology mid-drive motor and throttle, it’s perfect for commuting across the city and for leisure rides. Comfortable, predictable, and effortlessly stylish, Pegasus offers top quality and affordability, and is sure to please!
Wolff Utopia
$1,863.99 - $2,329.99 $2,329.99 Up to 20% Off
Utopia is Wolffe's most comfortable and versatile folding e-bike. With a 48V 500W Jiabo motor and fat, puncture-resistant tires for greater stability, Utopia is just that: Perfect as your ultimate beach, boardwalk or snow bike. It’s so easy to handle and fun to ride, the only question you’ll have is why you waited so long to get it!
Wolff Ursa ST
$2,023.99 - $2,529.99 $2,529.99 Up to 20% Off
When Wolff made this bike, they broke the mold. Well, not exactly, but it is one of a kind. With a higher handlebar placement, the Ursa is the epitome of the laid back, easy riding cruiser bike. Whether you’re cruising along the beach, or through the city streets, the comfort and enhanced riding experience allow you to remain in control at all times. This bike has 5 levels of assistance, a powerful 48V, 500W rear drive Bafang motor and only weighs 55lbs. Beautiful look with an amazing feel. Welcome to Ursa. The Ursa ST offers a step through experience for easier accessibility. No worries!
Momentum Vida E+ LDS 20MPH
$2,499.99 $3,129.99 20% Off
Just like riding a bike—but even more fun. Vida E+ is a low step-through electric bike that features our SyncDrive Life motor and pedals. Riding with Vida E+ is the perfect way to explore the city, feel the wind on your face, and put a kick into your fitness routine. The bike frame is designed with a comfortable upright rider position, which gives it a confident, easygoing ride quality. Just ride the step-through e-bike to get more fun and enjoy your journey!
Bianchi e-Omnia C Type
$4,103.99 - $5,129.99 $5,129.99 Up to 20% Off
C type model, representing the city range, it’s the perfect e-bike for commuting. With a stylish look and feel, it makes the commute both smart and safe. The C type strives for reliability in all conditions regardless of the clothes the user chooses to wear. DESIGNED FOR A cosmopolitan person who is attentive to new trends and environmental issues. The user chooses this bike for city commuting and weekend rides. KEY FEATURES: - Battery: 500WH | 625WH - Torque: 85Nm - Step-Through frame - Gravity casting aluminum tubes - Integrated front (40lux), rear and side led lights. - Visibility range of 100 meters, and visibility to others at 500 meters. - Integrated seat clamp - City configuration with frame integrated rear carrier, full mudguards, chainguard, and side kickstand. - High capacity battery (Bosch 500Wh or 625Wh) - Belt drivetrain option
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