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WEWS: Winter bicyclists around Northeast Ohio take to the streets with 'Fat Bikes'

February 6, 2014

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Most bike shops are in their slow season this month: it's after Christmas present time and seemingly way before a spring weather thaw.

But, for those seeking out a new winter exercise sport, winter bicycling is starting to take hold in northeast Ohio.

It's not just messenger job cyclists taking to snow covered streets, it's dedicated bike riders, with or without knobby tires, that are out enjoying the fresh air.

"We have one guy here who hasn't driven a car, by choice, since the eighties," said Josh Ronschke. Josh has been working on bikes and selling them for eight years at Century Cycles. He says specifically designed bikes are now being made with fatter, deeply-treaded tires: Fat Bikes. And it's hard to keep them in stock.

"These bikes are made for the snow, and people are loving them," said Ronschke. "It's all about the tires on these for winter bike riding, but they have features like disc brakes that have made them very popular year 'round."

A Fat Bike will set you back, says Ronschke, "about $1,500 to $1,800." For information Century Cycles, their three locations, or what type of Fat Bikes are in stock go to their website.

Call 330-722-7119 for Century's Medina location, 330-657-2209 in Peninsula, or 440-356-5705 in Rocky River.