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West Shore Live Well: Best of the West 2013

Summer 2013

Scan of Summer 2013 West Shore Live Well article

Bike Shop: Century Cycles

HAVEN'T RIDDEN A BIKE IN YEARS and want to get back in the saddle? You'll be welcomed with open arms here, says Scott Cowan, the owner of all three Northeast Ohio Century Cycles stores. "There are a lot of people who are apprehensive about walking into a bike shop. We want to dispel that fear; we're normal people," he says.

Cowan offers these tips to help you buy a bike:

  1. FIGURE OUT YOUR STYLE and what you want to do with the bike. Do you want to train for Pedal to the Point or cruise around the neighborhood a couple of times a week?
  2. GET SIZED. Your height and leg length will dictate the frame size you need on your new bike.
  3. TAKE A TEST RIDE. "We strongly encourage people to ride a few bikes to see which one they like the most because each one feels different," Cowan says.
  4. ACCESSORIZE. Equip your new wheels with a light, bell, bag, water bottle holder and a small computer to record distance and time.

19955 Detroit Road, Rocky River,