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Press Release: March 4, 2011

Tracey Bradnan
Cell Phone: 440-781-7690


Don't Be a Pee-Wee: Tips to Avoid Bike Theft
Event tonight at Century Cycles kicks off bicycling season,
celebrates "Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure"

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (March 4, 2011) – In the classic 1985 movie, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,” the lead character travels to the Alamo and beyond in search of his stolen bicycle. As local bike store Century Cycles gathers tonight with area cyclists to celebrate this film and to kick-off Northeast Ohio’s prime bike season, they offer these tips to help people avoid a bicycle theft of their own – just in time for spring and just as Americans prepare to ride their bikes more this summer in response to higher gas prices:

  1. Choose a lock based on your needs: A small, lightweight cable lock is usually good enough for quick mid-ride stops at local coffee shops. If you're leaving your bike unattended all day while you're at work or school, you'll want a heavy-duty chain that provides maximum security. The larger the lock, the more security it provides, but it will be heavier and more cumbersome to carry.
  2. Key or combination, that is the question: Choose the lock type that best matches your habits. Some people prefer key locks, as people are prone to forget combinations. However, keys can be lost or misplaced. Many lock manufacturers offer registration service to replace lost keys, or keep a record of your combination for you, so check the product packaging or ask the staff of your local bike shop for more information.
  3. Lock your bike frame AND wheels to an immovable object: For maximum security, your lock cable or chain should be long enough to wrap around the bike's frame, both wheels, and whatever you are locking your bike to. If you just lock one of your wheels to something, then a thief can remove the wheel and take the rest of the bike. Conversely, if you just lock the frame, then your expensive wheels are vulnerable, especially if they use quick-release attachments. If you can't include both wheels, then wrap the lock around the frame and the front wheel--many casual thieves will be intimidated enough not to try removing the rear wheel from the chain. The combination of a u-lock and long cable provides the most secure and versatile way to lock up every major part of your bike.
  4. Choose a location carefully, balancing protection with visibility: Choosing a good location to leave your bike unattended can be a trade-off situation. If you choose a secluded, out-of-the way location, then it might be less likely to be noticed. However, a secluded location provides a thief a better place to work on taking your bike without being noticed by a passing law enforcement officer or good Samaritan. Also: Use your lock even when your bike is parked in your own garage at home. The open garage door has often provided a too-easy opportunity for the bike thief passing by your neighborhood.
  5. Keep a record of your bike and the serial number: In the unfortunate event that your bike is ever stolen, the serial number can help get your bike back. The serial number of a bike is usually stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket shell (this is the part of the bike frame where the pedals connect). Once you find it, keep it with your property records, along with a picture of the bicycle. You can also ask your local bike shop for help in locating your serial number -- most shops include the serial number on your original purchase receipt and also keep a record of the number in its database. If your local community has a bike registration service, take advantage of it. If not, there are several online resources available (some free and some paid) that let you register your bike's serial number, and report it as stolen if necessary. Check out the National Bike Registry or

Century Cycles' Big Adventure is Century Cycles' free annual event to kick off the bicycling season in Northeast Ohio. This year it celebrates "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," the most funny and wonderfully weird movie tribute ever made to owning a bike.

When: TONIGHT, March 4, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Century Cycles, 19955 Detroit Road, Rocky River OH  44116

Cost: Free and open to everyone who has ever loved a bicycle. No RSVP necessary.

For more information: Go to, call 440-356-5705, or email

Event details: Besides hanging out with a bunch of folks who are also very grateful for the arrival of prime bicycling weather, come to the party to see clips from the movie, enjoy tasty drive-in snacks and beverages, test your movie trivia prowess, win prizes (both "Big Adventure" and bicycling-related), learn more about local cycling events and clubs, and maybe event dance along to the song "Tequila" (white platform shoes optional).

About "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"

Bicycling Magazine has dubbed the "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" "the greatest cycling movie ever made." They said: "While other [bicycling movies] celebrate cycling as a sport or use it as a metaphor for broader lessons, ‘Pee-Wee's Big Adventure' is simply the most loving movie tribute ever made to owning a bike. We're not talking about breezy ‘I love my bike' love. We're talking deep, obsessive, freaky, alarming-to-friends-and-pets bike love."

"Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" debuted in theaters in 1985 and celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. The adventure comedy was directed by Tim Burton and stars Paul Reubens as Pee-Wee Herman. It tells the story of Pee-Wee Herman embarking on a nationwide adventure in search of his stolen bicycle.

About Century Cycles

Century Cycles is an award-winning, locally-owned chain of independent bicycle stores in Medina, Peninsula, and Rocky River, providing all types of bicycles and friendly, expert service to northeast Ohio bicyclists and their families. Founded in 1992, Century Cycles is an authorized dealer of Raleigh, Giant, Electra, Surly, and Haro bicycles, as well as Santana tandems. The Peninsula store also rents bicycles year-round for riding on the Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

For nine consecutive years, Century Cycles has been voted one of the top 100 bicycle retailers in the United States by Bicycle Retailer & Industry News magazine. The local chain was recently voted “Best Bike Shop” in the 2010 Cleveland Magazine Best of Cleveland reader’s poll.


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