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NewsNet5: New trail funding, an HD camera protects riders, Safe Routes and Vision Zero for Cleveland cyclists

January 23, 2015

Thanks to Tom Livingston of News Channel 5 for mentioning Century Cycles in an online article about the Fly6 HD Video Camera & Taillight:

Taillight video camera

The folks at Century Cycle[s] showed off a device that might help find who ran you off the road. It's a combination rear light and HD video camera.

The Fly6 records where you've been. At $160, it's a bit steep in price as just a light, but the combo with an HD camera/recorder may just be worth it.

"Many of our customers bicycle to work on a daily basis, and they want the peace of mind knowing that if they are involved in an accident, they will have evidence that can be used to their advantage later," said Kevin Madzia, Bicycle Fit Specialist & Information Technology Manager for Century Cycles.

The camera is a continual looping recorder that will stop a few minutes after it senses the cyclist has had a traumatic event.

Click here for a link to their test recording. Near the end of the 4:30 clip, your can reads the license plate of a car as it passes the cyclist.

Click here to read the full article.

Video: Fly6 Video Camera Taillight Test