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BRAIN: Top 100 Gold Star Retailers

November 1, 2012

Rocky River, OH

Number of locations: 3
Years in business: 20
Square footage: 8,500
Number of employees at height of season: 39
Owner: Scott Cowan

What sets you apart: "Define your life. Ride a bike." is more than our trademarked slogan. It's our mantra. Century Cycles is defined by a commitment to spreading the bicycling message via innovative events and promotions--including one of America's most successful bike-to-school programs, which in 2012 reached more than 4,000 students at five schools. We are defined by a passionate and experienced staff. And, most of all, Century Cycles is defined by a loyal customer base that we thank annually with a free appreciation party featuring special guests such as the legendary Bob and and "Frazz" cartoonist Jef Mallett.