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BRAIN: Top 100 5-Star Retailers of 2010

In its annual survey results published on Nov. 1, 2010, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News Magazine name Century Cycles on of the Top 100 Bicycle Retailers in the nation. We were honored with the additional distinction of being named a 5 Star Retailer for earning the Top 100 award for five or more consecutive years.


Number of locations: 3
Years in business: 18
Square footage (main location): 3,600
Number of employees at height of season: 35
Owner: Scott S. Cowan, Manager: Mike Petcher

What Sets You Apart: Our trademarked slogan, "Define your life. Ride a bike." is not just for ads. It's our mantra. At Century Cycles, we are defined foremost by an experienced and talented staff--more than 80 percent of our full-time employees have five years' experience or more. We are defined by a loyal customer base that we honor annually with a free appreciation party featuring special guests such as the legendary Bob Roll and cartoonist/author Jef Mallett. And we're committed to spreading the bicycling message via innovative events and cross-promotions that include one of the most successful bike-to-school programs in the country.