Web Site Policies

Century Cycles is primarily a bricks-and-mortar bicycle shop. Our first priority is to serve our in-store customers to the fullest extent possible in a friendly, face-to-face environment.

We make our product catalog available on our web site so that our customers who like to do their product research online can have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. If you are in urgent need of a part or accessory, we recommend that you call us first to verify availability before placing an online order or making a special trip to one of our stores.

We carry many more products in addition to what are listed here. Likewise, this site shows some products that are not in stock in our stores, but are available by special-order from some of our vendors. When looking at a specific product, remember to click on the "Check Store Availability" link to view stock status.

Browse Globally, Buy Locally

Like you, we’re excited about all the changes happening in the world. And we recognize that the world we all live in, while still vast in a geographic sense, is much smaller today, mostly because of technology, such as the Internet that’s connecting us to you at this very moment.

As you travel the World Wide Web in search of information, we hope you’ll remember that there are many businesses with addresses just a few steps or miles from yours, who value your business and support many of the local events and learning opportunities right here in your community.

These businesses include the bike stores in our area. We know. We’re one of them. And all of us work hard to earn your business day in and day out. The next time you need something for your bike or just want to know about a good place to ride, we hope you’ll remember to check with us, in person, as well as exploring our website. We look forward to seeing you next time you’re riding through the neighborhood.

Prices and Information

This website is intended to help you. We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our on-line catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. We appreciate your understanding should any of the prices or other information provided be incorrect and regret any inconvenience such mistakes may create. Please bring any errors you may find to our attention on your next visit or by sending us an e-mail to: webmaster@centurycycles.com

Our Discretion

We reserve the right to cancel any online order for reasons we see fit, such as stock status, supplier agreements, or pricing. This policy overrides any information that may be displayed elsewhere.