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Vulture's Knob

Vulture's Knob is a privatly owned and maintained trail system in Wooster, Ohio. Hosting a full mountian bike race schedule, including night races, a 24 hour race, and an adventure race, "The Knob" is considered by some the best singletrack in northeastern Ohio. Small painted signs give some indication about what to expect around the next turn, with names like Rock Tunnel, Fern Gully, Oh Sh#!, Friar Bryan's Forest, Ant City, Tour de Todd, ...well, you get the idea. Creative and fun. Until you fall down, and you will fall down. It may be over one of the dozen log bridges, or on your way down to The Gorge or over the suspension and rainbow bridges. If you're holding up well by the time you hit McAfee Road, take the trail south to Killbuck Run. Here you will find a section of elevated trail called The Serpent. One false move on the suspended log bridge, and you end up in the swamp. Although messy, you will probably survive.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced. You have to keep in mind this trail was created to be difficult. Do not come as a beginner unless you plan on walking half the trail.

Check our Trail Conditions page for the latest status of the trail, and visit for full details, including directions, rates, and memberships.