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Trade In Your Used Bicycle

Are you thinking about your "next" bicycle, but wondering what to do with your old one? Or, keeping up with your growing children's needs can be a challenge, especially when it comes to bicycles. We can accept your used bicycle as a trade-in for credit towards the purchase of a new bicycle, through the TradeUP program, powered by The Pro's Closet!

To get started with an instant quote, just pick which of our stores you'd like to bring your bike to trade it in by clicking one of the buttons below.



Rocky River

Shaker Heights

NOTE: Some older and entry-level bicycles may not have enough value to quality for The Pro's Closet TradeUP program. In these cases, we welcome you to bring the bicycle into any of our four stores for possible qualification in our Store Direct Trade In Program. We can make you an offer on your used bike, which we can apply to the purchase of a new bicycle. Your used bicycle will be added to our Used Bicycles For Sale inventory.

  • Bike to be traded in must be a bike-shop quality brand (i.e. no big-box store bikes).
  • No cash given; trade-in value must be applied to the purchase of a bicycle from our store.
  • Only ONE trade-in bicycle credit per new bicycle purchased.

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