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Rocky River - West Side Metroparks Loop

Rocky River - West Side Metroparks Loop on Ride with GPS

This ride starts at Cleveland Metroparks Huntington Reservation in the city of Bay Village. You'll enjoy views of Lake Erie at the beginning and end of the ride. You'll begin on relatively bike-friendly roads before making your way over to the Rocky River Reservation, one of the "jewels" of the Metroparks "Emerald Necklace." Our route follows the Valley Parkway road through the park, but you can choose to ride on the All-Purpose Trail instead to avoid car traffic.

At the northern end of the Rocky River Reservation, you'll turn left onto Detroit Road, and pass by our Rocky River store in less than a mile, in case you're in need of any bike supplies. Turn right on Wagar Road, then after a short stretch you're back on Lake Road, on the shore of Lake Erie, to head back to your starting point in the Huntington Reservation.


Your use of this route information indicates your acceptance of all responsibility for its use. Ride safely, legally, and responsibly, and respect private property. Accessibility and suitability of roads and trails may change due to factors beyond our control; check local conditions before proceeding.