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Quail Hollow Park

The mountain bike trail at Quail Hollow Park is perfect for the beginning rider. The 3.25-mile loop is relatively flat, and has just enough rocks, logs, and other obstacles to develop your mountain biking skills, without too much to get you into trouble.

Even for more advanced riders, doing a few laps at "The Holler" provides a good place to get a brisk aerobic workout. Its flat terrain is also popular as a testing ground for riders getting into singlespeed riding.

Quail Hollow is not officially monitored. Please use best judgement when choosing to ride; riding muddy trails damages the trail.

Formerly known as Quail Hollow State Park, it was transferred to Stark Parks in January of 2016. The park entrance is located at 13480 Congress Lake Avenue NE, Hartville, OH 44632 in Stark County. The mountain bike trailhead is located about one-half mile from the park entrance on the park road, with small parking lots on both sides of the road. There is an outhouse-style toilet at the trailhead. No running water is available.

Follow the signs and the trail from the right-side parking lot. The trail is a one-way loop that goes in the counter-clockwise direction.