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Punderson State Park

A fat bike on a groomed trail at Punderson State Park

A Winter Fat Biking Playground!

Snow biking enthusiasts look forward to winter in Northeast Ohio, but periods of extreme accumulation can leave many of our local bike paths and mountain bike trail unrideable even with fat tires. However, Punderson State Park in Geauga County has miles of groomed trails where fat bikes are welcome!

There are about 9 miles of trails available for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding. Whenever snow conditions permit these trails to be open for those activities, fat bikes with tires 3.8 inches or wider are also permitted. Bicycles are NOT allowed on these trails when they are closed to other winter activities.

Call the park's Trail Hotline at (440) 564-7825 to get updates on trail conditions.

Punderson State Park Trail Map

The trails are easy to follow, with abundant signage at trailheads and throughout the trail system.

The address of the park is 11755 Kinsman Road, Newbury Township, OH 44065. Once inside the park entrance, follow the signs to the Sports Chalet/Sledding Hill (first left turn), where parking, indoor restrooms, and a snack bar are available. Ride back towards the main park road to access the Huron Trail.

Additional parking:

This area is in Northeast Ohio's "snow belt," where the lake effect brings much higher snowfall and accumulation than is typical for the rest of the Greater Cleveland area.

Rules & Etiquette for Bicycling on Groomed Snow Trails

  • Use tires that are least 3.8 inches wide.
  • Adjust your tire pressure to the conditions. For soft groomed snow, only 1 to 4 psi is sufficient. For hard-packed snow, 5 to 7 psi is good. With your body weight on the bike, your tires should have a noticeable bulge at the point where they meet the ground (or snow).
  • If you're leaving a deep rut in the snow (even after adjusting tire pressure), then consider turning around and not riding.
  • Don't "post-hole" through a groomed trail. Post-holing is the act of walking without skis or snowshoes, making deep footprints. If you have to get off the bike to get up a steep hill or through other rough terrain, move to the side and walk in the ungroomed area, if possible.
  • Do not ride through or across groomed nordic ski tracks. These are the parallel grooves on one or both sides of the trail for classic nordic skiers. Use the smooth, wide area groomed for skate skiing.
  • Use the same courtesy that you would on regular bike trails. Give notice with your voice or a bell when passing, and give plenty of space.
  • On snowmobile trails, use the same precautions to be visible as you would for riding on the road -- front and rear lights, bright and/or reflective clothing. Yield to the side for snowmobiles if there is not enough room to pass.

#TrailMinute Video

Punderson State Park allows riding fat bikes on their groomed cross-country ski trails when conditions allow.