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Press Release: October 13, 2006




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October 13, 2006


Century Cycles' Top 10 Bicycling Gifts for the Holidays

Rocky River, OH – Have someone on your holiday list who loves to ride their bicycle? Or perhaps it’s someone who wishes they had a new bike to ride? Whether it’s a person new to bicycling or an experienced rider, the 32-person staff from Century Cycles’ stores in Medina, Peninsula, and Rocky River have brainstormed and compiled a list of their top 10 favorite bicycling gifts for under the tree this year.

  1. Retro Wool Jerseys ($89.99 to $149.99): When owner Scott Cowan and his staff went to Las Vegas for Interbike, the big national bicycling industry convention last month, this is the product they came home stoked about. A cold weather cycling essential, the retro wool jersey will keep you warm and make you look cool. Century Cycles has two kinds of jerseys: A special “Century Cycles” jersey in black and red, plus another by Pearl Izumi. And don’t worry about the itch: A soft polyester that transfers moisture is next to the skin, while a special wool fabric blend on the outside keeps you warm and comfortable. Swagger is optional.
  2. Front and Rear Light Combo ($29.99 to $34.99): This is the gift of safety, especially essential if your loved one is commuting to work or plans on doing one of Century Cycles’ Night Rides along the Towpath. The Blackburn Quadrant Mars 3.0 ($29.99) features super-bright white LED’s on the front light, a highly-visible red rear light, long run times, and is water resistant. Batteries – and peace of mind – included.
  3. Bicycle Maintenance Gift Basket ($19.95 to $219.95): A “must” gift for the person who rides regularly or the cyclist who likes to do it her-or-himself. “Our service departments are always here if you need us,” says Cowan, “but regular maintenance can also be accomplished in your basement or garage. It’s what helps your bike run smoothly and safely, and what makes you a more confident rider.” This basket can be modest – perhaps a repair manual ($19.95), a bike cleaning kit ($26.99 to $34.99), and a gift certificate for a maintenance class at one of Century Cycles’ stores in 2007 ($15 to $100 per class, depending on the level). Or, if your recipient has been really good this year, consider including a repair stand ($99.99 to $219.99).
  4. Cycle Computer/Speedometer ($29.99 to $49.99): Cycle computers/speedometers are great for training. “Let’s face it, though. They are also a lot of fun,” says Cowan. Use one to track speed (current, maximum, and average), your trip distance, and to benchmark your abilities. Our favorite right now is the Enduro 8 ($29.99) from CatEye, the world’s leading maker of cycle computers. Featuring easy-to-read numbers, the Enduro 8 also has heavy-duty wiring to make it the most reliable cycle computer we’ve ever seen.
  5. The Gift Card (starting at $5.00): It may be ubiquitous, it may be a little unsentimental, but it just may be the best way to get your favorite cyclists exactly what they want. Century Cycles sells gift cards in every denomination. If you’re stumped on whether your brother would like a regular or wireless cycling computer – or if you don’t know what size glove he wears – then this is definitely the way to go.
  6. Chamois Butt’r ($7.99 to $14.99): The perfect stocking stuffer to show you really care about your loved ones’ (ahem) back end. Chamois Butt'r was designed by a cyclist as a non-greasy skin lubricant (and a conditioner for synthetic or leather chamois). Chamois Butt'r improves riding comfort immediately by lubricating skin, plus it will soothe and soften already chafed or irritated skin. The 8-ounce tube is $14.99, but you can also get small “to go” packets for long rides.
  7. Floor Pump ($29.99 to $49.99): “Bicycle tires should be properly inflated before every ride, especially if you ride less than once a week,” advises Cowan. The easiest way to keep your bike rolling at full inflation is with a floor pump. Keep it in your garage and your bike will be ready to go anytime you are. The new pumps from Serfas feature ergonomic handles, stable bases, and easy-to-read gauges.
  8. Gloves and Socks ($3.99 to $64.99): Small enough for a Christmas stocking, but big on comfort for key pressure points – the hands and feet – when cycling. Cycling socks combine fun with functional, featuring colorful designs that fit every personality.
  9. Indoor Bicycle Trainer ($159.99 to $299.99): It’s a fact: Winter can be long in Cleveland – and feel even longer. An indoor bicycle trainer is a terrific way to stay in shape, giving you a great cardio workout indoors while simulating the outdoor-riding experience. You can also use your own bike (with the fit and feel you already love) and not have to invest in an exercise bike. “The old days of loud trainers are gone,” says Cowan. “They are much quieter than ever.”
  10. The No-Brainer: A Bicycle (starting at $99.99): “A bike under the Christmas tree is one of the best – and most classic – gifts ever,” says Cowan. Maybe it’s your child’s first bicycle or the bike of your husband’s dreams. Maybe it’s the mountain bike or BMX bike your teenager has been mentioning every night at dinner since July. Or maybe it’s the retro three-speed that will make your mother-in-law finally forget your best friend’s drunken toast at your wedding 10 years ago. And what about you? If you’ve been riding something you got for Christmas 20 years ago, why not buy a new bicycle as a gift to yourself? Things have changed a lot in bicycles since 1986. “Comfort is king today. Manufacturers now make bikes that truly fit people of all shapes and sizes and for every need,” says Cowan. “The key is to go to a local shop that can help size you, determine your needs, build your new bike properly, and make sure you have the essential accessories to have the most fun and stay safe.”