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Peninsula - Short Hill Climb Challenge

Peninsula - Short Hill Climb Challenge on Ride With GPS

The Peninsula - Short Hill Climb Challenge provides an additional challenge over the basic Valley Loop by adding a few of the steepest climbs and descents in the Cuyahoga Valley, while still keeping the total distance to a manageable 28 miles. This route also takes you through the Sand Run Metro Park; be aware of where the Sand Run stream crosses over the road on Sand Run Parkway.

Since parking space at our Peninsula store can be limited, the starting and ending points for the route are at the Lock 29 Trailhead, located on Mill Street.


Your use of this route information indicates your acceptance of all responsibility for its use. Ride safely, legally, and responsibly, and respect private property. Accessibility and suitability of roads and trails may change due to factors beyond our control; check local conditions before proceeding.