Peninsula - Off-Road/On-Road Hill Climb Challenge

Two Distances to Pick Your Challenge

The Short Off-Road/On-Road Hill Climb Challenge and the Long Off-Road/On-Road Hill Climb Challenge bicycling routes combine parts of the Towpath Trail, Summit Metro Parks Bike & Hike Trail, abandoned roads, and connector trails to create tough, hilly rides in the Cuyahoga Valley. We've included them in our Road Cycling section because there are some brief parts of public roads on the routes, but ideally, you'll want to use a mountain bike or a cyclocross/adventure road bike with wide tires to handle the trails, gravel, and broken pavement. If you use a mountain bike, you'll also be able to take a detour on the East Rim Mountain Bike Trail.

Since parking space at our Peninsula store can be limited, the starting and ending points for the routes are at the Lock 29 Trailhead, located on Mill Street.

Peninsula - Short Off-Road/On-Road Hill Climb Challenge on Ride With GPS

Short Loop

You start off on the toughest climb, going up the infamous abandoned North Locust Street, also known as "Suicide Hill." You get a break at the end, though, with an easy 7-mile cruise on the Towpath back to your start.

Peninsula - Long Off-Road/On-Road Hill Climb Challenge on Ride With GPS

Long Loop

You'll do a little more back-tracking and re-visiting some sections of trail on this version of the loop. You get a break at the very end of the ride, since we send you down, rather than up, North Locust Street (a.k.a. "Suicide Hill").


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