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Night Ride Pictures - May 18, 2007

The weather this evening was clear and only a little cool, bringing out over 80 riders! Special thanks to Clif Bar and Gu Sports for providing snacks for the ride!

A new feature on this ride was the Trivia Quiz! Special thanks go to RAVX for providing the prizes for tonight's quiz! The trivia questions were:

  1. Q. What company in the bicycling industry also makes a large part of its profits in the fishing industry?
    A. Shimano
  2. Q. What was the name of the cycling movie starring Kevin Costner?
    A. American Flyers
  3. Q. What bicycle company is named for the street where its first factory was located?
    A. Raleigh
  4. Q. In the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure, where did the fortune-teller say he could find his bicycle?
    A. In the basement of The Alamo.