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Night Ride Pictures - June 8, 2007

A rainy afternoon kept many potential riders on the fence, but it cleared up for a beautiful evening, with 65 people on the ride. Special thanks to Clif Bar , CytomaxGu Sports, and PowerBar for providing snacks for tonight's ride!

We continued with our new tradition of the Trivia Quiz on this night's ride! Special thanks go to RAVX for providing the prizes once again! The trivia questions were:

  1. Q. What is the oldest existing bicycle company?
    A. Bianchi
  2. Q. In what year was this company founded?
    A. 1885
  3. Q. In what order did the three Century Cycles stores come into operation?
    A. Medina, Peninsula, Rocky River
  4. Q. What anniversary did Century Cycles celebrate earlier this year?
    A. 15th.
  5. Q. Who invented the rear derailleur?
    A. Tullio Campagnolo