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Lake Milton State Park

Lake Milton State Park has a mountain bike trail of a little over 10 miles (as of June 2021). The trail is intermediate level, with some rocks and roots and twisty sections and relatively small elevation changes.

There are two trailheads, located at 16525 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, OH 44401 and 16645 Shilling Road, Berlin Center, OH 44401. The trail changes direction from clockwise and counter-clockwise on alternate days.

The trail is maintained by state park staff and volunteers with the Rust Best Revival Trail Coalition (the link goes to their Facebook Group). Trail open/closed status, and conditions are posted there on a regular basis. Trail maintenance days are posted on the Facebook Page.

You can check trail conditions with the state park's recorded hotline, updated daily at: 330-235-0028

Lake Milton MTB Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Lake Milton MTB Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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