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Josh (Rocky River) Complete Bio

"You should go to Century Cycles this weekend!  Bob Roll will be there!"

"Who’s Bob Roll?"

I can thank a few people for my start at Century Cycles in the spring of 2006. My brother, who had been into cycling for a while, suggested I attend Century Cycles' Spring Party because Bob Roll was going to be a guest speaker. Bob Roll was not a name I had ever heard of, and to be honest, I wasn’t aware that bike shops even existed a few months prior. I attended the party, helped clean up some chairs afterwards, and my interest was sparked.

I had been working at a bakery down the street and in an attempt to ride my bike to work, started making trips to Century Cycles for odds and ends. One particularly nice day, I made my way down to the bike shop after my shift at the bakery, and it was bustling with activity. Ray, who had become an acquaintance, asked if I knew how to change a flat tire. My reply was a highly overconfident, "SURE I do!" My knowledge of bicycle maintenance consisted of pumping up tires once in a while, so after struggling through the flat fix, I was surprised to be asked if I wanted a summer job at the shop. I put in my two weeks notice at the bakery and started at Century Cycles in the Spring of 2006.

A few flat fixes later and here we are…

A perfect day on the bike for me would be a long ride to a campsite with friends or family, followed by a nice cold beer and a night under the stars. When I am not at work or riding, I can usually be found tinkering around the house trying not to burn the place down. Basketball and baseball have also played significant roles in my life and will always be my first loves.

I believe that bikes can change lives! They have certainly played a role in my life! Whether touring up the west coast, or making a trip to the park with my wife and daughter, there is a certain amount of freedom in riding a bike that is hard to beat!