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Interactive Wellness Series

At Century Cycles, we want to help cyclists embrace an overall wellness lifestyle, so we've partnered with local health and fitness experts to bring you this informative and interactive wellness series. Each class will focus on a different aspect of wellness, from physical fitness and nutrition to full body health and stability.

A Healthy Approach to Diet & Nutrition for the Everyday Cyclist

On Thursday, June 24, 2021 (6:30-8:00pm), Kelly Bailey, certified personal trainer and host of "Cookin' with Kelly" on Armstrong Cable, returns to our Medina store for Part 2 of our Wellness Series. This time, she's partnering with Mitzi Ficker Sokolowski of Purim Health Products to give you a deeper understanding of the food you eat, and the best choices to make when it comes to a healthier, more productive diet, both on and off the bike!

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