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I just bought a new bicycle. Now what?

Happy #NewBikeDay! Congratulations on the purchase of your new bicycle! We hope you're just as excited as we are to get out and ride!

You may have a hundred questions, or you may not know that you need to be asking questions ... either way, Century Cycles has the answers you're looking for right here about how to best enjoy your new bike and keep it running reliably for years to come.

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Before every ride:


Mark your calendar:

  • Free safety checkup 90 days after purchase
  • Full Tune-Up once per year

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Before You Ride - Safety Tips from PeopleForBikes

Where to Ride

Northeast Ohio has a vast network of bike paths and mountain bike trails, and we've catalogued as many as we can, plus a selection of curated road cycling routes and tips for bicycle touring and bikepacking.


From fund-raising to just plain FUN, we have bicycling events that we organize and sponsor throughout the year!

Finding People to Ride With

Whether you call the north, south, east, or west side home, there's a local bicycling club in your area where you can find like-minded friends to have a party on two wheels. Most clubs hold regularly-scheduled group rides for all skill levels, plus their own organized event rides.

Take it with you

Get your bike to your destination and back home safely with a rack for your vehicle. All hitch and trunk-mounted racks include our expert assembly and installation! Ask us about custom roof-top racks, too.

Take it on your bike

Whether you're heading across the country or just out to explore your local park, there are many ways to carry the essential items you might need during a ride, from camping gear to lunch and spare parts.


Protect your most valuable asset and make sure you're seen and heard on the road or trail!

And of course, if you ever have ANY questions or problems, please feel free to stop into any of our four stores or call us! We are here to make your bike riding FUN!

Just a few #NewBikeDay celebrations in our stores!

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