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These are some Frequently Asked Questions about Century Cycles.

Q. How long has Century Cycles been in business?

A. We opened our Medina store in March of 1992. We are actually now in our fourth location in Medina. We opened the Peninsula store in December of 1993, seeing an opportunity shortly after the first stretch of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail was opened. We opened the Rocky River store in 1996. We had a store in Solon from 2000 through 2005. We purchased the former Bicycle Boulevard in Shaker Heights in January of 2022.

Q. Are you a chain store? I like to shop at local businesses.

A. We are locally owned; always have been, always will be. The dollars you spend in our stores stay right here in our local communities.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. Our hours change several times throughout the year. We know this can be confusing, but over the years, we've found what works best for us based on Ohio's changing weather and daylight patterns. The hours shown on this web site are always current. We also make an effort to update our hours on various social media and online mapping sites.

Q. Do you rent bicycles?

A. Yes; see our Bike Rental page for details.

Q. Do you repair all brands of bicycles?

A. Yes! There are a few exceptions where some bike brands use propriety parts and tools available exclusively to their dealers, but 99.9% of the time, if it's a bike, we can fix it.

Q. Do I need an appointment for a bicycle tune-up or other repairs?

A. No, just bring your bike into one of our stores. We'll look it over while you wait, then provide an estimate of the cost and time required to tune it up or fix it. For minor repairs and adjustments (such as fixing a flat tire), we can usually fix it while you wait. More details are available on our Bicycle Repairs and Tune-Ups pages.

Q. Do you sell used bicycles? Do you buy used bicycles or take trade-ins?

A. YES! Please see our Used Bicycles page for details.

Q. I have an old bicycle I'd like to donate. Can you find a good home for it?

A. Yes, please see our Donate Your Old Bicycle page for details.

Q. Are you hiring?

A. Maybe! We usually do our hiring in the late Winter and early Spring, but you are welcome to stop into one of our stores to fill out an application any time. See our Current Open Positions.

Q. Will you sponsor my race team?

A. No; sorry. Racing is cool, but that's not our primary focus.

Q. Will you sponsor me for my charity ride?

A. We get requests for charity sponsorship almost every day, so it's not possible for us to honor all of them. Our philosophy is to provide sponsorship and support for the charity events, not individual riders. Plus, we have our own team for the Bike MS Buckeye Breakaway to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. Join us!

Q. Will you donate a bike or other products for a charity fundraiser?

A. We make bicycles available at a discount for purchase by organizers of charity raffles and auctions. We also have small gift items that we may donate. Contact us to make a request.

Q. Do you carry Brand X of bike/clothing/accessory?

A. The complete list of what bicycles we stock can be found here. A (mostly) complete list of our clothing and accessories brands is here.

Q. What's the origin of your slogan "Define your life. Ride a bike.™"?

A. Read the story here.

Q. Why does your website look very similar to many other bicycle shop websites?

A. We use a website hosting service that caters specifically to bike shops, so it's no coincidence that our sites look the same, especially on the product and catalog pages. Rest assured, though, that if you buy something from this website, you are purchasing directly from us, not some outside service or contracted seller.