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Directions from Rocky River to Medina

  1. Coming out of the store, turn right onto Detroit Rd.
  2. Go about ½ mile, then turn right onto Wooster Rd.
  3. Cross Lorain Rd. and continue down the hill into the Metroparks.
  4. When this road ends at the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Valley Parkway.
  5. Go less than a mile and turn left onto Mastick Rd.
  6. You will go up a hill, then come to a traffic light; turn right at the light onto Grayton Rd.
  7. Go about ½ mile and follow the signs to enter I-480 East.
  8. Take Exit 11 for I-71 South towards Columbus and continue on I-71 South.
  9. Take Exit 222 for Rt. 3, then turn right onto Rt. 3 South.
  10. Go exactly 2 miles, then turn right onto Fenn Rd.
  11. Go exactly 2 miles again, then turn left onto Rt. 42 South/Pearl Rd.
  12. Pearl Rd. becomes N. Court St.  The store is located less than a mile ahead on the right, in the shopping plaza behind McDonald's.