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Define your life. Ride a bike.™

We like bikes. We like riding them. When we're not riding them, we like thinking about riding them. Thinking about the places we ride them. Or thinking about the new parts we want to get for them. Or the new bike we want to get.

You may not work, eat, drink, and sleep bikes like we do. But if you ride a bike at all, you understand. It may be your life, or it may be a small piece of your life. Either way, it defines your life.

We understand.


The slogan "Define your life. Ride a bike.™" first appeared in a series of print advertisements we did in the mid 2000's. In each ad, we gave a definition for some common and not-so-common bicycling terms, often in humerous (at least we thought so) ways. The ads are no more, but the slogan lives on in our t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and pint glasses. Below are the definitions and images we used in the ads.