Dan (Rocky River) Complete Bio

I joined Century Cycles in 2012 after a long illustrious career as an advertising art/creative director, but I’m a life-long bike rider and a regular customer.

One day during the busy season Scott asked me if I could build a bike. I’d never worked at a real bike shop, but boy, did I have lots of practical riding experience, including assembly, disassembly, and lots of home workbench repairs. I already knew everybody at the shop, and my regular group ride met there. I said yes, built bikes a couple days a week for a while, and then he asked me to come on full-time. Now I build and sell bikes, do routine repairs, work the sales floor, and do bike fittings.

I train all year, do tours, centuries, time-trials, cyclocross, and my favorite, mountain bike races. Currently, I have seven bikes: tri-bike to fat bike and everything in between. I had 11 bikes at one point, and have had over two dozen bikes over the years. I commute by bike year-round, rain or shine, and always take the long way home through the Metroparks.

In the last couple of years, I’ve taken up swimming and running, so naturally, I do triathlons, too.

I’m a founding member of Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park (an awesome, one-of-a-kind place you have to see to believe) and I can tell you everything about every mountain bike trail in Ohio, and beyond. And if you aren’t already psyched about mountain biking, after talking to me you will be.

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