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Cleveland Metroparks West Creek Reservation Mountain Bike Trails

Opened in the fall of 2019, the West Creek Reservation is home to the newest singletrack in the Cleveland Metroparks! The trails are very beginner-friendly, with smooth, packed dirt, little to no roots and rocks, and moderate elevation gain.

Location: 2277 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma, OH 44134

Parking: The largest parking area is at the Watershed Stewardship Center. You can also park at the Keystone Reserved Shelter (just inside the park entrance), or Bluebird Point (on the left on your way to the Watershed Stewardship Center).

Amenities: There are water and indoor restrooms available at the Watershed Stewardship Center. There is also a water fountain next to the Monarch Bluff Picnic Area (access may be seasonal).

The mountain bike trails are accessed via the paved All-Purpose Trail and the wide packed-dirt Gateway Trail. The singletrack trails are broken up into three loops with a total of 2.7 miles. Each loop is ONE-WAY ONLY and should be biked (or hiked) in the CLOCKWISE direction; follow the green ENTER arrows. Signs with complete trail maps are posted at each intersection, with "YOU ARE HERE" markers (photo 1 below).

The trails are open 6:00am - 9:00pm daily when conditions allow. Class 1 and Class 2 electric bicycles are permitted on the West Creek mountain bike trails.

Follow @CMPmtb on X/Twitter to check the latest trail open/closed status.

Suggested Route: (View on Ride with GPS)

  1. From the parking lot, follow the paved All-Purpose Trail past the TV transmission towers; keep the tallest tower in the middle of the field on your left.
  2. Look on your right for a sign to the Grassroots Gorge Overlook, and take this right turn (photo 2 below).
  3. After crossing the bridge (photo 3 below), you'll be on the Gateway Trail, which is the wide packed-dirt trail that accesses the mountain bike trails.
  4. Continue on the Gateway Trail and you'll come to the Gorge Loop (0.8 miles, photo 4 below) on the right.
  5. Cross the paved service road, and next on the right will be the Little Loop (0.65 miles, photo 5 below).
  6. Proceed to the end of the Gateway Trail, then make a hard left onto the Center Loop (1.25 miles, photo 6 below).
  7. Repeat each loop as you wish.
  8. Return to the parking lot the way you came, via the Gateway Trail and the paved All-Purpose Trail.

1. Trail map signage

2. Turn-off to the Grassroots Gorge Overlook

3. Grassroots Gorge Overlook Bridge; the Gateway Trail begins on the far side.

4. Entrance to the Gorge Loop

5. Entrance to the Little Loop

6. Entrance to the Center Loop

Alternate Entrance

Center Park is a parklet within the West Creek Reservation, located at the corner of Center Drive, Park Drive, and Parkview Drive in Parma. There is a small parking area with a bike parking rack, picnic tables, and a port-o-potty. Follow the gravel and dirt path (the Greenbriar Trail) into the woods, go about one-tenth of a mile downhill, then turn left onto the Center Loop mountain bike trail.

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