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Cleveland Metroparks Royalview Mountain Bike Trail

The Royalview Trail is located in the Mill Stream Run Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks near Strongsville, Ohio. It was first opened in June of 2012, after many hours of design and construction work by the Cleveland Metroparks staff, volunteers from the Student Conservation Association, and the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA).

The terrain is beginner-to-intermediate-level, with mostly gentle climbs and descents, and some roots and rocks.

Go to our Trail Conditions page or follow @CMPmtb on Twitter to check the latest trail open/closed status.


  1. Take Interstate 71 to State Route 82.
  2. Turn East on State Route 82.
  3. Turn RIGHT onto Valley Parkway.
  4. Turn at the first RIGHT onto Royalview Lane.

There is a small parking area immediately on the left on Royalview Lane. You can park here and start riding, or continue up the hill to the top of Royalview Lane, where there is a larger parking lot, the Royalview Picnic Shelter, and restrooms and drinking water available.

Trail Description

The Royalview Trail system consists of two trails:

  • Red Trail: a loop of about 5½ miles with an option out-and-back spur
  • Yellow Trail: a point-to-point trail of about 3½ miles

The trails are one-way for mountain bikers, but are open to hikers in either direction. Be courteous and follow the rules and etiqutte for shared trails. The Yellow Trail has one end at the lower parking lot, and connects to the Red Trail near the upper parking lot. The Red Trail crosses Royalview Lane about halfway up the hill, but it's best to start the Red Trail from the top parking lot.

The two trails alternate riding directions for every other day:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: Ride the Red Trail clockwise, and ride the Yellow Trail from the bottom to the top.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Ride the Red Trail counter-clockwise, and ride the Yellow Trail from the top to the bottom.

Suggested Routes

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday:

  1. Park at the lower lot and start immediately on the Yellow Trail.
  2. When you get to the top of the Yellow Trail where it meets the Red Trail, turn LEFT onto the Red Trail.
  3. You'll pass the Out-And-Back Spur shortly; turn left onto it if you choose to ride it. You'll end up back in the same spot; turn LEFT onto the Red Trail to continue.
  4. When you have done a complete loop of the Red Trail, detour into the upper parking lot, then follow the paved Royalview Lane back downhill to the lower parking lot.

If the lower parking lot is full, or if you need water or restrooms, park at the upper lot, then start by riding down the paved Royalview Lane to the lower lot, then start with Step 1 above.

On Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday:

  1. Park in the upper lot.
  2. Look for the access trail to the right of the restrooms; follow it back to the main trail, and turn LEFT onto the Red Trail.
  3. Near the end your your complete loop of the Red Trail, you'll pass the Out-And-Back Spur; turn right onto it if you choose to ride it. You'll end up back in the same spot; turn RIGHT to continue on the Red Trail.
  4. You'll come the Yellow Trail shortly; turn RIGHT onto it.
  5. When you get to the bottom of the Yellow Trail at the lower parking lot, ride the paved Royalview Lane back to the upper parking lot.
  6. OPTIONAL: On your way up the paved Royalview Lane, turn RIGHT onto the Red Trail where it cross the road and you'll be able to ride the final two-thirds of the Red Trail back to the upper parking lot.

There is a do-it-yourself fix-it stand with a tire pump, and a bike wash station adjacent to the upper parking lot:

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