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BRAIN: 5 Star Top 100 Retailer 2009

From the April 15, 2009 edition of the Bicycle Retailer and Industry News:

5 Star Top 100 Retailer 2009

5 Star Retailers have made the Top 100 list for five years in a row, from 2005 through 2009. To recognize them for their outstanding effort and achievement over this time, we broke them out into a separate category this year. We asked them to share their secrets to providing a consistent retail experience.

Century Cycles
Rocky River, OH
Number of locations: 3
Years in business: 17
Square footage (main location): 3,600
Number of employees at height of season: 20 full-time, 10 part-time
Owner: Scott S. Cowan, Manager: Mike Petcher

What Sets You Apart: We all believe in our slogan "Define your life. Ride a bike." At Century Cycles, we define ourselves by getting the bicycling message out of our stores and into the public eye. We assist numerous bike rides and local charities, and we also hold free events throughout the year for our customers and the public, like a "Breaking Away Party" and twice-monthly night rides. We founded a Bike-to-School program with a local school system and do cross-promotions with other businesses.

This actually marks the Eighth year in a row that Century Cycles has been named a Top 100 Retailer in the nation by the Bicycle Retailer and Industry News poll!