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What We Ride: Krista McNamee

Surly Cross-Check

Krista McNamee is a full-time staff member at the Century Cycles store in Rocky River. She purchased her Surly Cross-Check in 2008, because she was looking for a bike that could handle non-technical trails and dirt roads, since much of the riding she does is in rural areas where the roads are minimally maintained.

The Cross-Check works well for these situations, because its steel frame soaks up road vibrations to minimize fatigue in the hands and shoulders, and provides a comfortable ride for many hours at a time. She also likes its versatility. It's got room for wide tires and fenders, and you can fully accessorize it or leave it bare bones.

Krista chose not to buy the "stock" complete bike offered by Surly, but instead got the frame and fork, and had one of Century Cycles' expert mechanics put it together with a set of custom parts, such as a triple crankset, handbuilt wheels, brakes levers with a shorter reach (designed to better fit a lady's smaller hands), Thomson seat post and stem, and Brooks leather saddle. Plus the fenders, which are a must, especially in Amish Country, where Krista often rides.

In addition to long rides in the country, Krista enjoys taking her Cross-Check on extended bike tours. The first such trip the bike accompanied her on was the Great Allegheny Passage/C&O Canal Towpath between Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC. Krista is currently training and planning for a three-week, 900-mile self-supported bicycle tour in Nova Scotia.

This article was published on April 12, 2011.

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