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Meet Our Peninsula Staff

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Store Manager

Doug has been with Century Cycles since 1997 after receiving a Parks & Recreation degree in the remote woods of Northern Minnesota, where he kindled his fondness for mountain biking.  Also an avid fly-fisherman and camper, he enjoys most things outdoors.


Information Technology Manager

I started working at Century Cycles in the fall of 2004, after my previous career as a billionaire/cowboy/astronaut/computer programmer. I help out on the sales floor when needed, but if you have ever ordered something from our web site, read something in our email newsletter or on social media, that's mostly my work. I also handle ordering parts and accessories from some of our suppliers, and Surly and Salsa bikes.

I enjoy all kinds of cycling--from road, mountain, long-distance multi-day touring, to casual jaunts on the Towpath Trail or Bike & Hike Trail and other bike paths. I own six bikes: four Salsas, one Surly, and a classic Mongoose road bike.



Bike Builder

Q. How did you get interested in cycling?
A. Some years ago I was in my house in Rome, Italy. I was bored, so I went for a ride with an old bicycle that I had there.

Q. How long have you worked in the industry?
A. Since August 2021 as bike mechanic, since 2020 as cycling coach.

Q. Tell us a little about your family – significant other, kids, one or two of their activities or hobbies.
A. I got married to my wife in 2019. She is a gastroenterologist at the Veteran's Administration and an associate professor at Case Western Reserve Universiy. She shares with me the passion for cycling.

Q. Do you have other hobbies outside of work and cycling?
A. Hiking, traveling, chess.

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. We have one cat.

Q. What was or is one of your favorite bikes you have even owned or ridden?
A. I love all the bicycles I have and had at the same level.

Q. What cycling accomplishments are you most proud of?
A. I have raced in many ultracycling events; here are some of my accomplishments:
Race Across America 2-Man Team, 2021 - Winner
Race Across the West, 2022 - Finisher
7x Everestings (2017-2019)
Race Across Italy, 2019 - Finisher
Romagna Ultra Race 300, 2019 - Third in my age category
Silver State 508, 2019 - Finisher
Race Across Oregon, 2020 - Third overall, Winner of my age category
Hoodoo 500, 2020 - Winner
Silver State 508 4-Mixed Team Open, 2020 - Winner
Mountain West Ultra Cup, 2020
National 24Hr Challenge, 2021 - Third overall, Winner of my age category
Race Across Italy, 2022 - Finisher
Treasure Cove 1200k, 2022
WNY Waterfalls 1200k, 2022

Q. What is on your bike bucket list?
A. Finishing Race Across America in the solo division.


Service Coordinator


Sales Associate

Ryan B.

Service Specialist

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