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Meet Our Peninsula Staff

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Matt S.

Store Manager

Matthew joined Century Cycles in mid-2022 and has been in the industry since 2012. The moment the training wheels came off when Matthew was five years old, he was hooked. Matthew and his friends would build trails in the woods, constructing jumps, berms, and the like. He got further into road riding when his grandfather took it up and fostered Matthew's interest. Matthew started racing a few years ago, falling in love with cyclocross in particular. However, after a few injuries he refers to himself as a commuter now … even though his commute is usually a 50-mile round trip ride to the Shaker Heights store!

Matthew has been together with Helen, a Landscape Architect for a local engineering firm, for 5 years now. She loves plants, animals (especially their own), jam bands, and Matthew's scrambled eggs :). They have two ginger cats, Atlas and Leo, as well as Ladybug, their 1-year-old Golden Retriever.

Matthew recently got back into music, playing drums on Brian Bacon’s debut record "Twigs" of which he is fiercely proud. When he is not working, riding, playing, or practicing, you can usually find him behind a crossword puzzle.

Matthew's favorite bike was probably his 2015 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1. It was the first real high-end bike he owned.


Information Technology Manager

I started working at Century Cycles in the fall of 2004, after my previous career as a billionaire/cowboy/astronaut/computer programmer. I help out on the sales floor when needed, but if you have ever ordered something from our web site, read something in our email newsletter or on social media, that's mostly my work. I also handle ordering parts and accessories from some of our suppliers, and Surly and Salsa bikes.

I enjoy all kinds of cycling--from road, mountain, long-distance multi-day touring, to casual jaunts on the Towpath Trail or Bike & Hike Trail and other bike paths. I own six bikes: four Salsas, one Surly, and a classic Mongoose road bike.



Service Coordinator


Sales Associate

Ryan B.

Service Specialist

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