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Meet Our Medina Staff

Not pictured: Bret


Store Manager

Question: What do aviation, architecture and cycling have in common? Answer: Absolutely nothing. But, that’s where my story begins…

In high school, I had glorious visions of being a fighter pilot in the Air Force. I even joined Civil Air Patrol as a first step towards living out that dream. Unfortunately, less than perfect eyesight crushed that dream almost immediately, forcing me to consider a different path in life. Luckily, I had some serious artistic skills and loved to design things, so I decided to pursue the study of architecture.  In 1991, I graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Architecture with a new dream of becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, or Thomas Mayne.  After a dozen years in the profession, though, my path just didn’t seem to be heading towards that "Master Creator of Great Space" moniker I craved.  Another career change seemed inevitable.



Service Manager

I am the service manager here at the Medina store and have been with Century Cycles since 2002. Though my former career as an owner/operator of a carpentry construction business did little to prepare me for my current career, I am, and always have been, a lifelong bicycling junkie. What I didn't know about bicycles before, I have learned through hands on experience and extensive industry training.

I live with my lovely wife April, two adorable kids, Robert and Skylar, several dogs and cats, a rabbit, a turtle and three overgrown goldfish a-way back in the holler’ in beautiful Hinckley, Ohio.

I am a former youth wrestling coach and have a lifetime subscription to "The Peanut Butter of the Month Club." Given a choice between football, basketball and baseball... definately baseball! Some of my favorite movies are “Jeremiah Johnson,” “Bull Durham,” and “Caddyshack.” While I like listening to most kinds of music (rap, not so much, thank you), I’ve recently discovered the soothing sounds of “Thrash Grass” (heavy metal bluegrass).



Floor Captain

I joined the Century Cycles team in January of 2012. My introduction to the bike shop began as I was a customer shopping for a quality bike for myself. Century Cycles was the first store and only store I shopped at. The employees were top-notch and they had just the bike I was looking for. After owning a Schwinn, the Raleigh Misceo I purchased turned out to be a great choice! After frequent visits to the bike shop, the manager approached me with the opportunity to work for the shop and I have never looked back since. Currently, I have a Liv Avail for road riding and a Giant Anyroad for riding on the Towpath and other casual riding. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the bike shop!

Christopher L.

Service Specialist

Being born in the last year to be considered an 80's baby, I hold a unique position at the Medina shop.  Not only do I remember when MTV had music, but I can also work a computer as well.  Growing up, I always had an interest in all things two-wheeled, mainly sparked by my dad having motorcycles and putting me on dirt bikes at a young age.  Fast forward 20 years and not much has changed. While I still cling to the motorized side of things with a 2005 Yamaha R6, it's safe to say that I have far more bicycles than motorcycles these days.


Chris W.

Service Specialist

I Live in the City of: Medina

My Riding Style in One Word: Reckless

If I Werent' Living the Dream by Working in a Bike Shop, I'd Be Working as a: Jamaican Bobsledder

John Z.

John is a retired firefighter for the city of Lakewood. During the busy season, he drives the Century Cycles delivery van between all three of our stores three days a week. This is how we're able to quickly and conveniently get bikes, clothing, and accessories for you from each of our stores! When not behind the wheel, John can usually be found in Las Vegas.


Service Specialist


Sales Associate

Greetings! My love and adventure of cycling became apparent when I purchased my first road bike in 1979 (Sears Free Spirit for $99.00), the year I should have been more interested in driving a car around town. That bike carried me on one of the earliest Northeast Ohio MS150 "Pedal to the Point" bike tours in the late 80’s. After slowing down my riding a bit while my boys were little, I got back to the bike adventure by riding on GOBA  (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) in 2004. I enlisted Kyle, my then 9 yr old son, to accompany me. He completed 250 miles on that first ride, all on a 20-inch, 5-speed bicycle!  Quite an accomplishment for a 9 year old!  As of 2017, I have ridden in twelve GOBA’s and Kyle has done nine. Participating in rides like GOBA are what brought us both to Century Cycles for our bike necessities.