Bike Fitting

Get Your Balance.

Do you want to ...

  • Be more comfortable on your bicycle?
  • Be more powerful and efficient on your bicycle?
  • Overcome physical challenges and injuries that are limiting your riding?

A personalized bicycle fitting can accomplish all of these things for you!

Our Bicycle Fitting Specialist has expertise at fitting any type of rider on any type or brand of bike.

Century Cycles Bicycle Fitting Services include:

  • In-depth interview to learn your goals, history, and any medical issues or restrictions.
  • Physical body assessment, with particular focus on feet, knees, hips, back, and neck.
  • Range of motion and flexibility tests to determine your biomechanical abilities and limitations.
  • On-bike evaluation, starting at the foot/pedal interface and moving up through the kinetic chain making changes to position and components achieve rider goals.
  • Full documentation including before/after photos and positional records.
  • Follow-up session within three months for re-evaluation and any necessary adjustments if needed.


  • Essential Bike Fitting: $175.00 - This 1½ to 2 hour session will accomplish the fitting goals of the casual rider up to the weekend warrior.
  • Complete Bike Fitting: $200.00 - This 2½ to 3 hour session provides our most comprehensive fitting and is geared towards serious riders, cyclists rehabbing an injury, or anyone who will benefit from a more in-depth body and foot/pedal interface evaluation.
  • Triathlon or Time Trial Bike Fitting: $250.00 - This 3 hour session pays particular attention to the unique demands placed on the competitive cyclist when riding in a triathlon or time trial position.

Meet Our Bike Fit Specialist

Dan Ward specializes in mountain bike racing, but also trains, competes, and tours on the road. An avid rider for over 40 years, Dan has mountain biked in 15 states, and also runs, swims, camps, and canoes. He is a local trail advocate and a founding member of Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Fit System do you use?

A. Century Cycles Fitting Services is not based solely on numeric measurements. A computer will not tell you where to move the handlebar, cleats, or saddle if the client is still not comfortable. Only an experienced fitter with a critical thinking mind and ear for listening to the client's feedback can do this effectively.

Q. What happens during the bicycle fitting process?

A. We start with a detailed interview of each client, learning what their history, experience,
and goals are that got them here. Part of the interview process is getting to know what medical history or injuries might limit their movement or interaction with the bike. A standing assessment is done starting at the feet and working up through the kinetic chain all the way to top of the spine. This is followed by a flexibility and range of motion test to determine what their body is able to achieve on the bike. With this biomechanical information and historical data, we can better understand what position their body will be capable of once on the bike. It is at this point we get the client on the bike and starting at the cleat/pedal interface, move up and down the kinetic chain making adjustments to the bike until the desired outcome is achieved.

Q. I know my bike is the right size for me; what would I gain from a bike fitting?

A. Bicycles come in only a handful of sizes. When you purchase a new bicycle, we select the correct size for you, and make some basic adjustments, such as the seat height and handlebar height, if possible. This process is referred as a bicycle sizing, but is only the first step. There are a myriad of other adjustments possible, but a full professional bicycle fitting is the only way to learn your needs to make these adjustments optimal for your physical attributes and riding style.

Q. I'm not having any issues on my bike; why should I get a bike fitting?

A. If you're not experiencing any pain or numbness on your bike, that's great! However, after a professional bike fitting, there may be some adjustments that will get you even more comfortable, and help you be more efficient. Those "normal" aches and pains that occur on any long ride can be minimized, or even eliminated. There is not a single rider that can't benefit from a proper bike fitting. Cycling injuries (other than crashes) are almost always overuse injuries. Continue in a poor position long enough and it’s not "if" but "when" will injury develop.

Q. What sets your fitting apart from the competition?

A. Attention to detail is first and foremost. Listening to needs of the individual being fitted is of equal importance. But what really sets us apart is the application of technology with education. Having the fancy equipment is great but only if you know how to properly apply it to the task at hand. We have spent years learning the science of bike fitting and mastering one piece of technology at a time to better serve the customer without making the tech more of a focus than the person getting the fitting at that moment. The fitting is about the person and their bike but the person comes first, always.

Q. What should I bring to a fitting session?

A. You should bring your bicycle, cycling shorts, and all cycling shoes you use on that bike.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Call us to schedule an appointment: 330-722-7119

Customer Testimonials

"I have been cycling for a long time but and in recent years have been so uncomfortable on my bike that I would dread it when someone asked me to go riding. I would google for ways to improve my geometry on the bike and, honestly, probably made things worse. After just a couple of hours spent for a fitting I now look forward to riding instead of dreading it. Absolutely worth the time and money!"

Sara K.

"I had a full fitting done, and could not be more impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness of the work done. Staff was extremely helpful and informative."

Dave M.
March 1, 2017

"Before and after [...] my bike fitting, the differences are subtle but the effect is dramatic. It turns out my power transfer from feet to pedals was inefficient and that my old sizing wasn't allowing all my legs muscles to fire properly (no wonder I never felt like I was good at spinning!). [Changed] my stem 10 degrees, raised my seat and moved it forward, and spent a lot of time with inserts adjusting my cleats. I felt much better on my ride today (and understood a lot more of how slight position adjustment change the muscles I'm using) and I'm hoping it only gets better. I'm pretty sure it also made me skinnier; don't laugh, the pictures don't lie."

Jordan B.
March 26, 2016

"Back in 2001, I had a bad accident on my road bike. From then on, I only felt comfortable riding my mountain bike. Even though I knew I could be faster on my road bike, I rode only my mountain bike all over the place -- roads and trails. Every time I tried to get on my road bike again, it just never felt right. Finally, working with Kevin [in Peninsula], we were able to get my road bike adjusted to fit me right. Now, I'm back in the saddle and love hitting the open road on a proper bicycle."

David B.
February 18, 2014

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