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Bike Fitting

Matthew Shieferstein sets up a road bicycle for a bike fitting customer in Shaker Heights.

Available in our Shaker Heights store only!
Call 216-751-2583 to schedule.

Get Your Balance.

Matthew Schieferstein, our Bicycle Fitting Specialist, has developed (and continues to develop) his knowledge base to fit virtually any type or brand of bike to virtually any rider.

Since we all cycle, walk, push, pull, twist, balance, breathe and stabilize differently, each fitting is a new adventure. Comfortable and efficient cycling requires more than just sitting on a seat, grabbing a bar and turning over the cranks. An optimal cycling position requires us to have well-supported feet with the appropriate seat and bar positions for comfort, leverage and stability. Basic core strength/function is fundamental for minimizing detrimental impacts on our bodies. A truly optimized position allows us to look ahead comfortably and breathe deeply while riding at the desired load.

Century Cycles Bicycle Fitting Services Include:

  • In-depth interview to learn your goals, history, and any medical issues or restrictions.
  • Physical body assessment, with particular focus on feet, knees, hips, back, and neck.
  • Range of motion and flexibility tests to determine your biomechanical abilities and limitations.
  • On-bike evaluation, starting at the foot/pedal interface and moving up through the kinetic chain making changes to position and components to achieve rider goals.
  • Full documentation of positional records.
  • Follow-up session within three months for re-evaluation and any necessary adjustments if needed.

One common practice during a bike fitting session is to replace your handlebars with a set that better fit your body size.


  • Standard Fit: $200 - Basic assessment of positioning including cleat position, handlebars/stem position, saddle fore/aft/height/pitch. 
  • Premium Fit: $300 -  Includes a full physical assessment to determine potential “limiting factors,” i.e. flexibility, previous and/or current injuries, etc. More in-depth process and better overall value for all riders, regardless of experience or chosen discipline. 
  • Triathlon/Time Trial Fit: $350 - same package as the Premium fit. However, these fits are more intensive as the bicycles are inherently more complex and involve more positional considerations.

* All fitting service prices include a set of G8 Shoe Insoles. If the client already has a set of insoles or orthotics appropriate for them, a discount will be applied to the original price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Fit System do you use?

A. We do not ascribe to any one school of thought or process of bicycle fitting. Fit systems can sometimes serve as a sales tool for a given brand’s bicycles and products rather than an objective method of fitting. At Century Cycles, a more holistic approach is used to properly assess and fit the bike to the rider, not the other way around. It is imperative to understand how the rider and machine interact and what can be moved, exchanged, or altered to achieve the desired outcome.

Q. What happens during the bicycle fitting process?

A. We start with a detailed interview, which helps us ascertain riding history, short-term and long-term goals, medical history, injuries, and other factors which limit their movement, their interaction with the bike, inform the fit process, etc.  A standing assessment is done starting at the feet and working up through the kinetic chain all the way to the top of the spine. This is followed by a flexibility/range-of-motion test. With this biomechanical information and historical data, we can better understand what position their body will be capable of once on the bike. It is at this point we get the client on the bike and starting at the cleat/pedal interface, move up and down the kinetic chain making adjustments to the bike until the desired outcome is achieved.

Q. I know my bike is the right size for me; what would I gain from a bike fitting?

A. Most modern bicycle models come in only a handful of sizes. When you purchase a new bicycle, we select the correct size for you, and make some basic adjustments, such as the seat height and handlebar height, if possible. This process is referred to as a “bicycle sizing”. However, this is only the first step. There are a myriad of other adjustments possible, but a full professional bicycle fitting is the only way to learn your needs to make these adjustments optimal for your physical attributes and riding style.

Q. I'm not having any issues on my bike; why should I get a bike fitting?

A. If you're not experiencing any pain during or after a ride, that’s great! However, there may be an aspect of the bike setup or the rider which is limiting the power output or endurance, or both. Something as seemingly subtle as a saddle adjustment or change in crank arm length can dramatically increase comfort and efficiency, which leads directly to increased performance on the bicycle.

Q. What sets your fitting apart from the competition?

A. Attention to detail is first and foremost. But what really sets us apart is the application of technology with education. Having the fancy equipment is great but only if you know how to properly apply it to the task at hand. We have spent years learning the science of bike fitting and mastering one piece of technology at a time to better serve the customer without making the tech more of a focus than the person getting the fitting at that moment. The fitting is about the person and their bike but the person comes first, always.

Q. What should I bring to a fitting session?

A. See the downloadable Bike Fitting Welcome Letter document.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Call us to schedule an appointment: 216-751-2583

Customer Testimonials

"I have been cycling for a long time but and in recent years have been so uncomfortable on my bike that I would dread it when someone asked me to go riding. I would google for ways to improve my geometry on the bike and, honestly, probably made things worse. After just a couple of hours spent for a fitting I now look forward to riding instead of dreading it. Absolutely worth the time and money!"

Sara K.

"I had a full fitting done, and could not be more impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness of the work done. Staff was extremely helpful and informative."

Dave M.

"Before and after [...] my bike fitting, the differences are subtle but the effect is dramatic. It turns out my power transfer from feet to pedals was inefficient and that my old sizing wasn't allowing all my legs muscles to fire properly (no wonder I never felt like I was good at spinning!). [Changed] my stem 10 degrees, raised my seat and moved it forward, and spent a lot of time with inserts adjusting my cleats. I felt much better on my ride today (and understood a lot more of how slight position adjustment change the muscles I'm using) and I'm hoping it only gets better. I'm pretty sure it also made me skinnier; don't laugh, the pictures don't lie."

Jordan B.

"Back in 2001, I had a bad accident on my road bike. From then on, I only felt comfortable riding my mountain bike. Even though I knew I could be faster on my road bike, I rode only my mountain bike all over the place -- roads and trails. Every time I tried to get on my road bike again, it just never felt right. Finally, working with Kevin [in Peninsula], we were able to get my road bike adjusted to fit me right. Now, I'm back in the saddle and love hitting the open road on a proper bicycle."

David B.